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Rockeagle: The black Tshirt with the distinctive printed screen.

We are the printed screen T-shirt manufacture and distributer under the brand'Rock Eagle'. With the striking motif printed screen, 100% cotton and neat sewing, Rock Eagle T-shirts are very popular among Thais and overseas customers. ‘Rock Eagle’ is the Thailand registered trademark and manufactured by T. Rung Arun R.E. Group Co., Ltd., T. Rung Arun Garment Co., Ltd. and T. Rung Arun Screen Co., Ltd. ‘Rock Eagle’ is relatively well – known as the black T-shirt with the striking motif printed screen, however, we also have the printed screen from the copyright films and cartoon animation movies such as Dan Devil, X Men, Spiderman, Finding Nemo and Garfield. With the quality of 100% cotton, durable printed screen and neat sewing, Rock Eagle T-shirts are now widely accepted across nation wide and overseas customers, such as Japan, Korea, Taiwan, Hong Kong, Italy, Sweden and Spain.

Background and History
T. Rung Arun Company is previously the small single shop of Rock Eagle T-shirt in Jutujak, weekend market. We aim to produce and sell the high quality of printed screen on the black T-shirt. We use the 100% cotton and elaborate sewing. Our printed screen is quite unique and distinctive art. Therefore, customers are very satisfied on the Rock Eagle T-shirt and come back again and again.

On the 17th of February 1997, T. Rung Arun R.E. Group Company, T. Rung Arun Garment Co., Ltd. and T.Rung Arun Screen Co., Ltd have been established in order to provide the absolute end-to-end T-shirt processes. Recently, there are 200 staff and the high technologies of printed screen machines, which are imported from USA and Austria. The corporate mission is to manufacture the quality of printed screen T-shirt, so our customers are guarantee on the product satisfactions and quality of services. With the consistent of mission, we are moving forward strongly, there are 6 branches in Bangkok and.

Shop/Distributor Name Location
Jatujak in Section 16, Soi 3, Bangkok
T. Rung Arun Shop in BoBae Tower
Jay & Cherry behind Intra Hotel, Bangkok
Rock Eagle Shop The Platinum Fashion Mall, 4 th floor, Camden 2
R.E.Kids The Platinum Fashion Mall, 5 th floor

We also have adopted marketing relationship approach by launching Distributors member club in which the news and product updates are communicate as well as the activities among members are held. This aims to ensure the customer satisfaction on product and services is well retained. Rock Eagle is Thailand brand that you can trust on its quality. We promise to develop Rock Eagle to be the world class brand in the near
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